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Basic Facts on Crushed Granite

Crushed granite is a relatively cheaper material used for paving as well as in the construction purposes of several Hardscapes. As there are different treatments of using crushed granite, in my opinion it is relatively inexpensive or economical in comparison to other grant sources. With several processes in installation, the costs of using crushed granite in building construction today have definitely increased. However, as it is available in the simplest form or the most natural mode, I would still call it a very good paving option. Crushed granite can come in sandy form or in the form of slightly larger granules. The type of crushed granite used in several jobs in fact defines the longevity of that particular job or construction, amongst several other parameters of consideration of course!

Types of Crushed Granite

Loose Crushed Granite

This material or type of crushed granite ought to be used independently without any mixture in it. This is the cheapest form of crushed granite however its permanency in defining the job is often questioned. As this type of granite is not firm enough it could get easily eroded.

Loose Crushed Granite

Crushed granite in this form resembles a sandy walk which is just slightly compacted in order to render a definition of the job. However, if one opts to use this form of granite composition in one’s job, care should be taken to define the edges much better with something like a steel edging or even a brick-border. This could keep the job from disintegrating as well as simultaneously rendering the job more refinement and a defined completion. To make the edges more compact with such additions, it could cost a little more in tandem with what a concrete job could cost.

Crushed Granite with stabilizers

In this type of granite form, stabilizers are mixed with it to render it a harder effect. As such, by mixing of stabilizers one also tends to increase the job longevity, wherein the job with this type of granite could be said to easily last for around a decade long.

Crushed Granite with stabilizers

However, the job with this process is relatively much more expensive then with a decomposed or loose form of granite. However, with crushed granite mixed with stabilizers one can easily get a job more articulately done.

Resin composed crushed granite

With resin, this form of granite renders more definition and firmness in application. This is the most common type of granite used in construction wherein the longevity of job is of great essence. Moreover, with such type the possibility of any erosion taking place is evaded. However, if this type has to be shipped or imported to someplace else, the cost of shipping or transportation cost can inflate the cost of construction.


There are certain areas where you can use crushed granite in its natural form. As such, any Hardscapes projects which require a rustic appearance to the job would implement a raw form of granite in its work process. Crushed granite can be used in constructing driveways, garden paths, walking trails, residential paths, and woodland trails amongst many others.


Crushed granite – easy to install, cheap and low maintenance

Crushed granite is one of the awesome things that you can use for various purposes. Many people think that it cannot be used like any other material for the purpose of construction but that is not true. It can be said that the usage of decomposed granite is the best when you talk about building path, driveways and others. Decomposed granite is considered as one of the inexpensive material that can be used for the purpose of construction.

Crushed granite

How to use crushed granite?

You can use crushed granite as per your need and requirement. Few of the ways to use decomposed granite are as follows: –

  1. You can use loose decomposed granite without mixing it with anything. The only problem with the usage of loose decomposed granite is they tend to fall off the way. It is always better to have edges on the sideways so that the granite doesn’t fall off.
  2. You can also use decomposed granite with stabilizer. This makes the path look better and with the help of stabilizer, the decomposed granite tends to stay in place for at least 7-10 years.
  3. You can also mix crushed granite with resin and use it. This is considered to be the best and strongest of all. If you use it carefully then this will exist for decades to come but yes, this will be comparatively expensive.

Where can crushed granite be used?

Crushed granite can be used for various purposes as follows: –

  1. You can use decomposed granite to build a driveway.  If you have decided to use decomposed granite for building driveway then you should dig at least 8 inches. Inside the pit, you need to place the decomposed granite. You should also provide edges so that the decomposed granite doesn’t spill from the pit.
  2. You can also use crushed granite to build a walkway. Walkway need not take heavy loads and hence, you can use decomposed granite for building this. It is better that you place shaped stones so that you can walk on the stones during rainy season.
  3. You can also create a sitting area with the help of decomposed granite. If the sitting area that you are using currently is too sandy then you can place a layer of decomposed granite so to make it clean. Apart from that, if in the background of your house, you have a waste place then you should put decomposed granite over there so that you can use that place for sitting. This will also improve the drainage of that area.

Benefits of crushed granite

There are various benefits of crushed granite and hence, many people are using this. Few of the benefits of decomposed granite are as follows: –

  1. Decomposed granite can be installed easily. If you have decided to install decomposed granite then you can do it yourself.
  2. This is also considered as one of the cheapest way of building a sitting area, walkway or driveway.
  3. Crushed granite doesn’t require any kind of maintenance as mosses or other plants don’t grow on it.

Crushed granite will fit in your budget and hence, you can happily consruct what you want.

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